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Pastor Bob's Favorite Albums

05.28.20 | by Shannon Cronin

    Pastor Jay has shared his favorite albums of all time. Jay is a very accomplished musician and knows a lot about a variety of music genres. Me, on the other hand, have no musical talent whatsoever. I do however know how to use iTunes very well and I have long loved music. Music has the ability to transcend the moment and transport us to past experiences, emotions, and memories.

    What are your favorite albums and what memories do they evoke for you? Here are mine:

    This is my all time favorite!!! Memories of sitting in Paul Moreau’s room listening to "Tapestry". Got to relive a lot of the music a few years ago when our kids gave us tickets to the musical “Beautiful”. Favorite songs on the album are “Tapestry” ,“You've Got a Friend", and a great song for this time of pandemic "Beautiful".

    This was the very first album that I ever bought. I was in 7th grade and bought it on cassette tape. The reason I purchased this album is simple…. the girl I had a crush on thought CCR was cool. I wore that tape out.

    This came out my freshman year of high school and my English teacher Mrs. McManus, who was fresh out of college and a little bit of a hippie, would play this in class. We had to write a report on the what we thought the meaning was of the song “Bridge Over Troubled Water.”

    Growing up on beaches of Southern California in the early 70’s made the Beach Boys a necessity of life. In addition, my dad who was a college chemistry professor had one of the bands co-founders, Alan Jardine, as his student. To this day this album brings back the sounds of summer, I can almost smell the Coppertone and feel the sand between my toes!

    I got turned on to this album when I was doing my internship in Denver, Colorado in 1980. This album blends country, pop, rock ‘n’ roll, ballads and folks. Fogelberg had a home in Nederland, CO. It was there, he was inspired to write this breakthrough album. Listening to his album still brings back memories of my long-distance courtship with Jeannie. She was living in Anaheim after graduating and I was in my first apartment in Littleton, CO. It was a courtship of late night phone calls, and letter writing multiple times a week.

    AMY GRANT: AGE TO AGE (1982)
    It was 1985 when, Tina, a junior high girl in the youth group at my first church in Scottsdale, AZ sang “El-Shaddai”. It was so beautiful and that is when I first heard about Amy Grant. We bought the album and listened to all throughout Jeannie’s first pregnancy. This was the only tape we had in the labor room when Jeannie was giving birth to Ty. After 28 hours of labor this album was seared into our soul. It was Ty’s favorite music as an infant and in fact one of his first words was “Amy”. While driving Ty would say “Amy, Amy, Amy” until we put the tape on in the car. My favorites on the album are "In a Little While" and "El-Shaddai".