Find an interest

What interests you?

The beauty of church is the community and relationships between one another. Shared interests are one of the building blocks to finding those relationships.

Here is just a small sampling of some of our interest groups:

All God's Creatures 

Like animals? So do we. All God's Creatures meets monthly for a dog walk and breakfast on the first Saturday of the month at 9am. Meet at Messiah on the patio. We not only enjoy our pets together, we also work to help local rescues and shelters with improvement projects, supplies and funding. It's a hairy experience, but we're puuuurfectly happy to do it. For those who don't have any pets, this is a great way to enjoy animals without taking them home with you. Won't you join us? 




Messiah Book Group has reviewed hundreds of books over the years. Why do we do this? The answer is simple, so we have another excuse to get together. Many of us enjoy reading so why not gather to discuss a book while we hang out and enjoy each others company?

Book selections vary. Book Group meets monthly at different homes for a meal and book discussion. Join in!



Messiah Fine Arts Ministry-MFAM

Fine Arts is one of our longest running ministries, providing over 25 years of excellent family friendly entertainment. We welcome anyone age six and up to be part of this fun ministry. Acting isn't for everyone, but Fine Arts needs people who can build, paint, create, take photos, sew costumes, sell tickets and concessions, make gift baskets, etc. There is something for everyone to do. Become part of the MFAMily. It could change your's that for dramatic? Visit Messiah Fine Arts Webpage.


Women's Hiking Group

All women are invited to join this energized group. They meet once a month on a Saturday morning. Open to women of all ages who wish to hike 3-6 mile distances (please no children or pets). Locations are trails in Orange County. The goal is to enjoy some beautiful So Cal nature with friends and new acquaintances!

Click here to join the Women's Hiking Group


Grow Deeper    Go Serve