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The Life of Paul

The Life of Paul

Every Wednesday from 01/11/2023 to 02/15/2023

The Apostle Paul is credited with writing 13 books of the New Testament and with helping to spread early Christianity throughout the Roman Empire, but who WAS Paul?  In this series, “The Life of Paul,” we will examine what we can or can’t know about Paul’s life before his conversion to following Jesus, what the New Testament tells us about his life after his conversion, and how Paul’s work on behalf of the gospel helped change his world and shaped our understanding of who Jesus is and what Jesus means for the world.  Pastor Jay will lead this 6-week study on Wednesdays, January 11 through February 15 at 3pm in the Joy Center, and 7pm in Room 117 of the Life Center.  The 7pm session will also be available by Zoom.

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