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At Messiah, You're in the Loop!

11.17.15 | Events | by Jeff Rogers

    What is a hearing loop?

    A hearing loop is a broadcast system that sends microphoned sound to a personal receiver we offer from our lobby. Even better, if you already wear a listening assist device (e.g., hearing aid) you can likely receive the hearing loop signal directly! Think of it as Wi-Fi to your hearing aid.

    Is my device compatible with the hearing loop?

    More than 70% of listening assist devices have a T-Coil listening mode. You simply need to switch to that mode according to the instructions for your specific device. Check with your audiologist to be sure the T-Coil feature is included and enabled. The second side of this reference guide has instructions and help for your discussion.

    Does it matter where I sit?

    Our loop is designed so every seat is serviced by the hearing loop. A small flat-wire is installed under the aisle carpeting in a big “figure 8” which crosses at the center aisle and circles around the outer seating sections. The loop signal broadcast is balanced and steady in all seated locations except directly over the aisle loop wires.

    Is the hearing loop safe?

    Our installation meets international IEC 60118-4 standards which makes it completely safe for everyone to be in our looped area; including those with pacemakers, listening assist devices, and other medical equipment. We recommend pacemaker wearers avoid using the receiver option worn over-the-neck.

    For more information on hearing loops, visit these sites and articles: OTOjOY (our hearing loop installation partner),, Wall Street Journal, or National Public Radio.