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Camp Agape Summer Fundraiser

07.18.23 | Serve | by Shannon Cronin

    This summer Messiah is supporting Camp Agape with items they need to send kids to camp. Our VBS program supported Camp Agape for their Love Project and we are keeping this outreach going through August 13.

    Camp Agape California has one mission: to reach out and give as many children of incarcerated parents as they can an opportunity to attend a 4-day Summer Camp and Winter Camp each year. We want to help by giving them the items the kids can use (see the shopping list below). 

    We are also accepting donations online here. Please choose "VBS 2023 Love Project Camp Agape" for your giving type.

    Thank you for your generous hearts! What a great lesson for our kids to help other kids have a camp experience. Learn more about Camp Agape here 

    Requested Items:

    • sleeping bags
    • bath towels
    • travel shampoo/conditioner
    • travel body wash
    • travel toothpaste
    • toothbrushes
    • air freshener
    • hand sanitizer wipes
    • baby wipes
    • spray deodorant for girls
    • axe deodorant for boys
    • floss
    • hair ties
    • combs
    • bobby pins
    • toiletry baskets
    • large sunscreen
    • small sunscreen
    • flashlights
    • pens
    • journals
    • lip balm
    • 12 oz water bottles

    Please bring items to church on Sundays or to the Church Office during normal office hours. Thank you!