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Securities Transfer


    Consider donating bonds, shares of appreciated stock, or mutual funds (in-kind) to the church for kingdom work. The stock/bond/fund transfer and charitable deduction happens at full-value (no capital gains tax to you, the donor) and they can then be converted by Messiah also without tax. You can apply the donation to your regular tithes or designate special initiatives or projects.

    Contact the church's Executive Director to first coordinate these transfers to the following church brokerage account. The account does not hold value or manage assets and is used to transform donations to cash after asset transfer is complete.

    Account No. 307-06837
    Account Name: Messiah Lutheran Church

    For technical questions regarding transfer logistics, you can reach the church's representative to the brokerage account at RBC Wealth Management.

    RBC Wealth Management
    Madeleine Stewart | Senior Financial Associate
    Associate Planning Professional
    610 Newport Center Dr., #900
    Newport Beach, CA 92660
    Office: (949) 720-8982
    Cell: (562) 209-4678