Parent Connection

Student Ministries is so much more than random lessons, awesome games and hanging out with your small group eating snacks. Our desire is that your students, by the end of their time in Jr. High & High School Ministries, will have a strong foundation in their faith, be a part of a faith community and will have an understanding of what the Christian life really is.

How to Help Your Students Have the Best Student Ministries Experience Possible

The years that are spent in Jr. High & High School are some of the most exciting, exhausting and formative years in their lives. As a ministry we want to partner with you as parents and come alongside you as you and your student navigate the years spent in Jr. High and High School. As ministry leaders we are committed to making these years as effective as possible in the lives of your student. Here are 5 tips to help you and your student have an awesome time in Student Ministries:

1. Expect it to be Different…

Your students are growing up, and we design our program to meet the new needs of your student as they enter into their teenage years. We are creating a program that helps to bridge that gap between childhood to adulthood by allowing them to be kids at times, and other times helping them to take the next steps towards spiritual maturity. We are not Children's Ministries and we are not “Big Church” we are right where your students are…in-between. Some of your students are SO ready for this; and others will be hesitant at first. However they feel is okay, we just ask that as parents you would pave the way by getting them excited for this new phase of life and ministry and encouraging them to jump into Jr. High and High School. We want you, as parents, to feel comfortable to have your students attend our services and programs. If you want to observe or attend a program or event, please contact Rachel Collins the Director of Student Ministries and she can get that process started.

2. Get to Know our Team…

We have a very active volunteer leader team who serve in very hands-on ways with your students. Each of those leaders has been through a thorough screening process, which includes application, background checks and personal interviews. Our staff and leaders look forward to getting to know you, and hope you will get to know us.

3. Make Sundays at 9:30 am a Priority

Sundays used to be sacred, reserved for church and family. That isn’t the case anymore. Student’s activities will push for every moment of your free time. As parents you will have to help your student prioritize their schedules to make church and time with God a priority. We want their time in Student Ministries to be the best hour of a student’s week. A place they are encouraged to worship God freely, accepted for who they are…and of course have fun, because we believe God is fun! Each week we will have worship through music and experience stations, games, videos, laughter and Bible teaching. We encourage students to bring their friends, especially those who don’t know Christ.

4. Go to Camp & Other Events

Our Sunday service has many students and only lasts one hour, it’s next to impossible for a student to get fully connected into if that is the only time they come to Jr. High or High School. That is why we provide many events over the Summer, and small groups during the school year for students to get connected. There is nothing more connecting than spending a week together with your Jr. High family at camp or your High School friends at camp or on a missions trip, or if you can’t make it to that…come to the many fun activities we have for students over the summer. It’s a great place to make new friends and get connected, especially over the summer where most people are new and establishing those friendships!

5. Get Involved in Serving

We love it and encourage parents to get involved in serving in Jr. High & High School. Even if your student says they are “embarrassed” that you’re there we have plenty of ways to have you serve and not “embarrass" your student, such as group guides for Confirmation, helping out on a Sunday morning or being there are other events to pour into the lives of the students, we know that parent leaders are vital to the life of our ministry. If your time is strapped, or you’re just not that into Jr. High or High School students we could use you on our Resource Team that helps with the practical needs of running the ministry like shopping, cooking, and loaning resources needed for the ministry.