High School

In High School Ministries our desire is for students to take their faith from a surface level to a heart level. We want the students to know that their lives are significant, that the love of God can do amazing things and that they are loved by others around them. We want them to go deeper in their faith and use their faith to change the world around them.

High School Tuesday Gathering

Our High School Tuesday Gatherings are designed to be a space where students can take time to build community with each other and grow in their relationship with God. Each week we have snacks, play a group game and have big and small group time as take a deep dive into the Word. It is our hope that each week the students are growing stronger in their relationship with God and that they are developing deeper relationships with other students.

Winter and Summer Camps

Twice a year we take our students to camp and we always come home with amazing stories! We believe that when we put our everyday lives on pause and take time to be with nature, be with each other and be with Jesus that awesome things can happen. Our Winter Camps are just a weekend where we pack in an entire camp experience into 48 hours, but our Summer Camps are a whole week of awesome games, meaningful worship and chapel times and times of encouraging each other as we strengthen our faith. Our camp experiences are always amazing and memorable!