Parent Connection


We know that the teenage years are full of a lot of challenges - new schools, new friends, new everything. We know that this can be a crazy time, but it's also one that is full of growth and foundational beliefs that will last a lifetime. We're grateful that you have brought your student. Our hope is that Student Ministries can be a place where your student feels they can belong and feel accepted all while having fun and learning about God and His love for them. Here are some ways that you, as a parent, can help make your student's time in Student Ministries most effective!

1. Stay Connected…

We do our best to communicate about all that's going on in Student Ministries through email, social media and announcements at our regular gatherings. Make sure you're staying up-to-date on all that's going on so that your students can take advantage of every opportunity we give them to connect with each other and grow deeper in their relationships with God. This is also a great resource for you to receive pictures from our events and see what's going on when we go to camp and other events.

2. Make Church a Priority…

In a time where your students are trying to navigate life we want them to see that their identity is in Jesus. We also want to give them a safe and fun place where they feel like they can belong and that they can always turn to God in good and bad times. Through our regular gatherings like Jr. High Sunday Service & High School Tuesdays and Confirmation, we give students the opportunity to go deeper in their understanding of God and the Bible and to build stronger friendships with their friends. By making church a priority your students will have consistent and strong relationships with God and other students at church.

3. Go to Camp and Other Events

In Student Ministries we LOVE going to camp! From late night hikes to amazing worship to spending time with Jesus and being in a beautiful setting to making a ton of memories that will last forever ... we think it's the best! We believe that when students take time to pause their everyday lives and spend time at camp that they can encounter Jesus in a new way and that they come back with deeper friendships and a strong relationship with Jesus.