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    Palm Sunday

    03.20.16 | News

    Beautiful day to celebrate Palm Sunday. Messiah Partners in Ministry enjoyed making crosses out of palm fronds.

      The Story | Chapter 26

      03.18.16 | The Story

      Chapter 26 | Eliminate the Shanks From Your Life Swing DOWNLOAD THIS WEEK'S DEVOTION Butch Harmon, who has instructed professional golfers from Fred Couples to Tiger Woods, tells the story of the club member who was having problems with the...

        The Story - Chapter 25

        03.13.16 | The Story

        Chapter 25 | The Greatest Question of All Time DOWNLOAD THIS WEEK'S DEVOTION A BBC magazine answered the “101 greatest questions of all time.” What did they include? Well, questions like “What is OK short for?” Answer?...

          The Story - Chapter 24

          03.06.16 | The Story

          Chapter 24 | Breaking Free from the Kingdom of Me DOWNLOAD THIS WEEK'S DEVOTION Only 14.3 acres in total land mass, it is a small kingdom unto itself. Located in three separate areas in the United States—part in Nevada, Pennsylvania, and...