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    The Story | Chapter 6

    10.17.15 | The Story

    Chapter 6 | Decisions You Make Affect Those Traveling With You DOWNLOAD THIS WEEK'S DEVOTION Every parent has been there. The trip ahead is long. The travel schedule is tight. You hit the road with a full tank, confident the plan you have...

      The Story | Chapter 5

      10.11.15 | The Story

      Chapter 5 | The Home God Wants for His Presence  DOWNLOAD THIS WEEK'S DEVOTION It was perhaps the greatest opportunity ever. God tells Moses that he wants to come to his people and dwell right in the middle of their camp. Not on the...

        The Story | Chapter 4

        10.03.15 | The Story

        Chapter 4 | When You Are Walled In, Look for the Way Out  DOWNLOAD THIS WEEK'S DEVOTION There’s a wall in front of you. Behind you is a past you are running from. Beyond the wall awaits the promise of a new life. But you’re not...

          The Story | Chapter 3

          09.27.15 | The Story

          Chapter 3 | Trading in Your Dreams for Another’s DOWNLOAD THIS WEEK'S DEVOTION  People nearing mid-life often crash into some startling and unexpected observations. For instance, we all dreamed big dreams when we were younger. But as...

            The Story | Chapter 2

            09.20.15 | The Story

            Chapter 2 | When the Last in Line Gets Chosen for the Team DOWNLOAD THIS WEEK'S DEVOTION  The casting agent enters the room with her top picks for the show’s leading man and lady. The new series will follow the spellbinding story of...