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    The Story | Chapter 22

    02.21.16 | The Story

    Chapter 22 | When Jesus Comes Knocking DOWNLOAD THIS WEEK'S DEVOTION The knock came at the door of the inn. It was late. We can imagine the innkeeper had been burning both ends of the candle. The census crowd had packed Bethlehem and he had...

      The Story | Chapter 21

      02.12.16 | The Story

      Chapter 21 | Rebuilding the Walls of Brokenness DOWNLOAD THIS WEEK'S DEVOTION Many of us were familiar with the film critic duo Siskel and Ebert. Gene Siskel died in 1999. Then, in 2006, Robert Ebert lost his lower jaw and his voice to...

        The Story | Chapter 20

        02.05.16 | The Story

        Chapter 20 | When Life Feels Like It’s On a Roll DOWNLOAD THIS WEEK'S DEVOTION Sometimes you may feel like life is a big gamble. Like the outcome of your life is resting on how the dice roll for you. If they roll right, you get...